Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Closing it down...

Ok so if it isn't already obvious, I am busy. I no longer seem to have time to write. Nor do I feel like I NEED to do it. Blame it on Facebook, if you will. I get my public attention needs fullfilled quite well. Or blame it on my life evolving. Or on my own personal definition of self clarifying. Or...whatever.

Thanks go to those that took time to read my posts and to comment. I am going to close shop up and continue on with my merry ways. Those of you that are in the know, have ways to contact me. Perhaps you are lucky enough to ready my verbal diareah on FB....yeah, lucky! :-)

TTFN!~ It's been grand~Sayonara~Adios~

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One for the Money, Two for the Show....

Let me just say I am so thoroughly enjoying the challenges of my sewing. I seem to be avoiding blankets and quilts an such-perhaps cuz Mom has already proven to be such a master quilt artist? So I move towards other sewn projects. Someday, I will make an awesome quilt. Now, it is not a priority. So you might ask, "What is?"

Well you all already know about my Peek Bags and Felt Foods. Those continue to be made and sold and enjoyed! I have joined up with my pal Kellie to work more with Felt Foods. She has wonderful and fabulous out-of-the-box ideas.

I have been wanting to try a few other things. More like functional things. 1) a Handbag and 2) clothing of some sort. I remember my mom used to make my clothing. In fact, when I was a wee little thing, Mom had a store called Minor Street Blues in Yreka, Ca. She made (REPURPOSING before it was COOL) all sorts of items from old recycled blue jeans and other materials. Pretty cool huh? At some point, I was not so thrilled with my homemade clothing. Must be the social pressure and my own self confidence steam rolled in. I wanted the store bought off the shelf clothes that my friends wore. Brat that I was....

Well, now, I still wouldn't be interested in a wardrobe of homemade clothes (for me or the girls. Jose maybe...just kidding). There are some cute patterns for skirts and dresses that I would like to try. Just to say I did...I have never sewn closures, like buttons or zippers. I have only ever used a straight stitch or a zigzag. Still a basic level seamstress.

This past week the opportunity came about for me to try my hand at skirts. Poodle Skirts to be exact. We have been attending the weekly Music in the Park series here in our town with our friends. The last event was to be an Elvis Impersonator. As a group we decided to dress our girls (5 of the 6 kids) in Poodle Skirts. Then we decided to MAKE them. I remember in Brownies my leaders made them for all 10 of us-couldn't be THAT difficult...

So we measured and googled for patterns. We made our way through Walmart's craft section. All the fixins were bought. We set up camp on Kellie's kitchen table. Mind you, we started to create on Thursday-the same Thursday of Elvis. Nothing like a little last minute energy to get things done...

I worked on 4! No make that 5. I had measurements for my 2 plus a friends' 2 older girls. Once I had finished, I had some leftover from the M girls' pink felt. I began to make a teeny version for the baby sister. In a few short hours (let's say after the initial 1st hour of learning the pattern), like in 4 hours, I made 5 skirts! I ran out of time and black thread when it came time for the poodles and leashes. So I made do with hot glue and leashless dogs. I will be going back to them and completing them in the next few days.

I now have a very clear idea for a basic skirt. I might endeavor to make something for the girls from this pattern. Of course, out of fabric and not felt...I also have some adjustments to he poodle skirts to make. The waistband was to bulky with a 1 inch elastic. I am going to rip out the waist on Bri's and do a 3 inch waistband attached to the front. We'll see if I like it better. Another friend, was there with us and asked me to make one for her daughter. I only charged for the materials, because I am still approximating. BUT perhaps I will fine tune them enough and can add them to my collection of sellable projects.

Your thoughts on this?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Truely Wonderful Artwork!

It is time. I promised KIA a million bajillion years ago that I would share this on my blog-o-sphere. She is a friend from here in town and is starting up a new business. I always like to support my fellow mamas that are striving to make a go at a cool idea. So here goes:

She asked to "snap" (sounds so informal-like something I can do...totally does not sell her talent, but does attempt to define her style and easy going personality) pictures of the girls and of course I said YES!

Here are some of her fantastic shots!

Yeah, I know....

Another very long break from the blog. Kept y'all wondering though, huh?

It's that damned Facebook! Totally usurps my free time. I wish you all could be with me-most of the time I have funny thoughts and commentaries running through my brain. Just doesn't translate to my written communication, without serious effort. And when I remember or gather the time, the moment is lost. As well, makes like a bit mysterious I guess. If you see me, and I am smirking or holding in a giggle, it is quite possible that I saw something or someone that triggered my sarcastic response system. You will have to wonder what the heck it is....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

H + J 4ever

Tomorrow is a big day. We (Jose and I) are celebrating our anniversary. Most of you know the story, high school sweethearts, making it in the long haul. Let's just say we were an old married couple long before our time. 17 years ago we were beginning our relationship. He would like you all to know I stalked him. Truth be told, I did. lol Just don't tell him I confessed. I sawe something I liked and wasn't going to let it get away. Little did I know it would be more than a date for Sr Prom.

He asked me to marry him on our 6th anniversary-at our beach in Half Moon Bay. It was the beach we first started to hang out at in our 1st summer dating.

We were married a year later to the day.

It has been great so far. I was looking around tonight while reading the girls their bedtime story. It is amazing to me what our life has led to so far. Even the clutter and messes...they represent LIFE. They represent us thriving and growing and building on our love.

I am so thankful-daily-for my husband. He is my friend, my support, my partner. He is my love, my life, my one. I look forward to enjoying the time ahead of us as we continue to evolve.

Just a few pictures to represent our journey...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yesterday we hit the lake. Jose got some fishing time in, and mama got some sunshine, the girls got some fresh air and nature exposure.

Here are some pics from our adventure.

Learning To Let Go

Have you noticed yet that I am a control freak? This is in stark contrast to my procrastinating and not so tidy household...but, in all other parts of my world I have high expectations of order and control. HA!

When I was teaching, I wrote plans. Plans that told me what to teach and when. They had reason, and if those failed, I had contingency plans. Back up plans to follow plans. All of this would ideally lead to order and control and peace on earth.

Being a parent has given me a venue for my controlling needs....Now, I have 2 little people that are supposed to march and sing and dance within my realm of order. (Don't be thinking I am a Tyrant...not so) To be honest, all the little needs and routines fit right into my idiosyncrasies. Maybe a little too much. I like seeing a formula and then adopting it. So when the experts said to feed the baby ever 2 hours, feed I did. When they said that naps should happen every 2 hours, I napped the baby. When they said bedtime should have a bath, and and music and a story, and happen the same nightly, I made that happen. You see? Just tell me what should be and I will make it happen-perhaps in my own fashion, but happen it will.

This is mostly a good thing. But gone are the days of random spontaneity. We used to pick up and go. Me with my backpack of reading and snacks and various happy day things. Jose with a tackle box. Driving aimlessly we would explore and have a day. Stopping wherever for some sort of food and treats, there were no rules. It was fun.

Having kids made this sort of disappear...If a day of meandering was to happen, there needed to be some planning and organizing. Food, clothes, entertainment all multiplied by 4 or 5 to solve all possible urgencies. By the time we packed, it was hours into the morning and mountains of C-R-A-P at the door of the car. At the end of the day someone was unhappy and the next day would be horrible because of the fallout. It wasn't worth it. I would rather stay home and keep things even keeled and normal.

Life is changing though. My girls are older. They make clothes less messy. The entertain differently. They can eat so many different things (and I can let them enjoy an extra cookie instead of worrying about the nutritional intake). I like it. Truly I do not enjoy OVER thinking things. It's a compulsion.

In that past 2 weeks we have gotten out for a few drives. It's fun showing our world to the girls. It's nice re-connecting with Jose while we drive and explore. We can dream and create ideas of what our future could be like. There is more flexibility and everyone can cope a little bit better. I am finding that it s hard to re-wire myself, but when I do, it's very worth it!